my virtual habitat
... let no one ignorant of mathematics enter here ...
... Plato ...
These Exciting Times
I consider myself to be lucky to be living in these exciting times. I pay all my electricity and credit card bills through the Internet, make my telephone calls across the world free, do my banking without going to the bank, and read The New York Times on my computer screen free. I never thought life could be physically as comfortable as it is today.
The intellectual life is even more comfortable. I order my personalized laptop through Dell or Apple with a version of the operating system pre-installed in it and watch it coming all the way to my doorstep within a matter of days. I buy all my books and electronic gadgets through Amazon at the cheapest prices available, relishing the fact the store keeps a record of all my proud purchases available for my future reference. As a special unintentional favor, Google allows me, most of the times, to get at the information I am after by just typing three letters: example, ams (American Mathematical Society). To know what is the latest on Riemann Hypothesis I can always turn to MathWorld for help with all details. If I am in a mood for contemplation of Reality I can play MetaMath Solitaire to my hearts content.
When life becomes contented and without hassles, it is natural for anybody to be contemplative, and wonder about the complex world around us and the Reality behind it. In this site we discuss what we know and also what we would like to know about our universe. It goes without saying that whatever is being said in these pages cannot be accepted without critical examination.